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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Architectural, Structural and MEP modeling, up to Level of Development (LOD) 350 based on BIMForum specifications.

Creating model based Good For Construction (GFC) drawings based on LOD 350 level details for disciplines.

Detailing and creating shop / fabrication drawings with LOD 400 details.

Clash detection services between all services.

Constructability based on value engineering services during pre-construction stage of a project 3D Reinforcement Detailing and automated Bar Bending Schedules

Unitechnik and PXML files for CAD/CAM interface for precast and rebar machineries

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Model based Bill of Quantities and Bill of Materials

Budgeted Cost Plans integrated with client specific item rate analysis (IRA)

Cost Sensitivity Analysis

Baseline schedules

Risk Analysis and Simulation for cost and time completion

Work package / tender documents

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Project Management Services (PMC) to integrate BIM and VDC workflows into client’s day-to-day construction and project management operations. With BIM to site intent, IPD platform is focused on:

  • to develop and upskill the construction work force to be BIM ready and use the VDC principle in day to day tasks
  • to deliver ‘the promise’ of BIM based construction at the ground level

BIM Design and Consultancy Services

BIM On-boarding Services :
  • BIM Execution Plan